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    • Dec 2013

      Modern Post. Works.

    • Oct 2013

      The Journey. Works.

    • Aug 2013

      Hardpop / Pastilla Digital Flyers. Works.

    • Feb 2013

      Chic Magazine. Works.

    • Dec 2012

      Adrian Key. Works.

    • Jun 2012

      Cuatro44. Web.. Works.

    • Mar 2012

      Epsi. Editorial.. Works.

    • Nov 2011

      Kreativa. Works.

    • Jul 2011

      Book House. Works.

    • May 2011

      Valora. Works.

    • Jan 2011

      Shape. Works.

    • May 2010

      The City Magazine. Works.

    • Apr 2010

      Hardpop / Pastilla Digital. Works.

    • Dec 2009

      Finesse Records. Works.

    • Jun 2009

      Marketing Cinemas. Works.

    Interface Design

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    Market Research

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    Information Architecture

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    Web Programming

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    App Development

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    Technology Consulting

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    I Thee Serve.

    • Mobile App Developement
    • Websites
    • Design Consulting
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    What I Do.

    I came up, out the gutter never changed my style. Got for real about my papers, cause the game was wild.


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